Long Term Care Planning



Eligibility for Medicaid

Are you worried about paying for the cost of long-term care? In San Antonio, the average cost of a nursing home is more than $6,000 per month and the average cost of a part-time caregiver $2500 per month. People who cannot afford this may want to consider Medicaid.

Many people look at the Medicaid requirements and don’t pursue it because their monthly income or assets are over the threshold. Instead, they wait to apply for Medicaid when they have finally run out of money. Don’t be one of these people.

If your loved one is declining and you think they will need long-term care, we can look at their assets and strategize the best way to protect them. Our long-term care services can be especially helpful to married people when one spouse needs long-term care but the other spouse does not. We can help protect some of the assets, so that one spouse is not left destitute due to long-term care for the other spouse.

Long-Term Care Services We Provide are:

Long-Term Care Consultation

We provide a roadmap for asset preservation and qualifyingfor Medicaid.

Supplemental Needs Trusts

We draft a trust to receive money instead of the Medicaid recipient so they can keep their benefits.

Qualified Income Trusts
(Miller Trust)

We draft a trust that allows an individual with too much monthly income to qualify for Medicaid.

Deed Retaining Enhanced Life
Estate (Lady Bird Deed)

We prepare Deeds to protect homes from the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program.

Medicaid Applications

We compile and submit Medicaid Applications directly to Health and Human Services, which helps to streamline the qualification process.

If you are looking at Medicaid to pay for your loved one’s long-term care, don’t go it alone.
Please call us to set up an appointment at: (210) 892-4555.