Our Values


We’re ready to consult with you

We’re Passionate about Assisting Seniors.

The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PC has a heart for seniors. We recognize that aging can be difficult and sometimes confusing. We assist seniors, people with special needs, and their families as they plan for the challenges surrounding aging and quality-of-life concerns. If you’re considering proactive estate planning and elder law services, we’re ready to consult with you, meet your needs, and help secure your interests.

We’re Advocates Who Help the Entire Family.

  • We give families peace of mind knowing their elders are receiving sound adviceand establishing a quality estate plan.
  • We help families provide for loved ones with disabilities by creating Special Needs Trusts. This allows disabled beneficiaries to receive gifts or settlements withoutlosing means-tested public benefits.
  • But, the most important thing we do is listen. Treating our clients with respect and compassion is key to addressing their concerns and fears.
  • When a client loses a loved one, we are there for them. We help make the impersonalcourt process of probate less intimidating and detached as we walk them through theprobate process step-by-step.

We’re Invested and We Give Back to Our Community.

We’re proud Texans and San Antonio residents who enthusiastically help local seniors and persons with disabilities.As stewards of our community, we actively support local nonprofits that serve vulnerable populations in our area.