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What do I need, a Trust or a Will?

I’m a healthy 59-year-old man, but I know I won’t live forever. I was thinking about getting a Will drawn up, but my friends just got a Revocable Living Trust, and they are saying I should get a Trust instead. What do I need, a Trust or a Will?…
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Smart Steps for Doing Your Own Medicaid Application

Here are some smart steps to take when preparing a Medicaid application: If your loved one has mental capacity, make sure there is a Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney in place. This document is vital for you to gain access to their financial records when you are filling out the…
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What Documents Do I Need If I Get Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is all over the news and yes—it’s here in San Antonio, too. Fortunately, Bexar County residents are practicing social distancing to flatten the curve and save lives, including yours and your loved ones. We’re living in uncertain times. Hopefully, you will stay well, but it’s a good idea…
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