Elder E-Letter 2018: 2nd Quarter 2

Renowned Naomi Feil to Share Validation Method with San Antonio Caregivers


Anyone who works with or cares for people with Alzheimer’s or advanced dementia would benefit from this workshop. Click here to register.

I encourage you to watch this moving five-minute video of Naomi Feil in action.

The Elder Law Askit Basket


By, Jody Hudspeth, Paralegal for The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PC

One of the many hats I wear as a paralegal is answering phone calls and emails from concerned loved ones and caregivers. This column, “The Elder Law Askit Basket”, features some of the scenarios we hear on a frequent basis. If you have a question you’d like to see answered here, please email me at: jhudspeth@assistingseniors.com.

I am a slightly older woman (age 66) and am planning to marry in 2018. Should we wait until we are married to complete our Wills and other estate planning documents? When are prenups usually completed? We both have property we want to exclude from normal marital legal arrangements.

What a great and loaded question! I’m going to answer the second part of your question first: you need to consult a family law attorney to discuss your prenuptial agreement before you get married. For those of you already-married people out there who wish you’d done a prenuptial agreement, you can still reach out to family law attorney about doing a postnuptial agreement.

My answer on when you should complete your Will and other estate planning documents is—it depends. I hate to answer your question with a question, but it’s a must. Are you absolutely sure you are going to marry this person? If your current Will doesn’t name your soon-to-be spouse as a beneficiary, and you are sure you want to do that, then I say go ahead and re-do your Wills now. It can’t hurt.

The same goes for your other estate planning documents. If you want your fiancé to be your appointed agent in your Medical and Durable Powers of Attorney, I say go ahead and update those documents now, as well.

If you’re not completely sure you want to marry your fiancé and right now it’s just a thought, I say hold off until you’re sure. I hope you found my answer helpful. If you’d like to discuss your question further, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

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April 4 Carol talks Wills and Trusts to San Antonio OASIS at the District 5 Senior Center.

April 16 Carol presents When My Spouse Dies to San Antonio OASIS at Morningside.

April 19 Carol speaks on Legal Considerations as We Age for NEISD’s Academy of Learning in Retirement (ALIR).

May 5 Carol attends the Adopt a Senior Program sponsored by Adult Protective Services (APS).

May 28 The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PC observes Memorial Day.


June 2 Carol attends the Patient Institute’s 8th Annual Elegant Evening to honor outstanding leaders in patient advocacy at the Éilan. Interested in purchasing a ticket or becoming a sponsor? Contact Janet Poole: janet@
patientinstitute.org (210)862.1678.

June 21 Carol presents the Legal Aspects of Aging Parents at the San Antonio Paralegal Association (SAPA) CLE luncheon.



Jan 15 Carol and Jody attended San Antonio’s 50th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. March.

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Jan 19 The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PC celebrated Carol’s birthday.

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Feb 14 The Law Offices of Carol Bertsch, PC celebrated their beloved clients and friends with a Valentine’s Day Appreciation Party.

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Carol and Jody at Alz Summit

March 2 Carol, Jody, and Toni attended the 2018 Alzheimer’s Educational Summit.

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