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Will Medicaid Take My Dad’s House?

My father’s health is failing, and his mind is starting to slip. He needs to go a nursing home, but he doesn’t have enough money to pay for one. I think he’d qualify for Medicaid, but I’m afraid Medicaid will take his house. Is there anything you can do…
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Should I Do My Will Before I Get Married?

I am a slightly older woman (age 66) and am planning to marry in 2018. Should we wait until we are married to complete our Wills and other estate planning documents? When are prenups usually completed? We both have property we want to exclude from normal marital legal arrangements.…
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Planning for a Disabled Child

My husband and I have a 32-year-old disabled son. My friend who’s also a social worker says I should set up a trust for him. Is this something your office can help me with? You are right to talk to an elder law attorney about planning ahead for a…
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